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I bring a diverse perspective to my work, informed by a broad base of experience providing services for a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues. I also have a previous career in information technology, which greatly assists me in helping those in the tech field who may experience a particular set of challenges in that work setting.

My years of experience working with men, women, and couples, in both straight and same-sex relationships, has occurred within private practice and in a variety of other professional settings.

My work as a psychotherapist at Navos Mental Health Solutions centered around providing therapy for adults who experienced a number of challenges. With a goal of promoting well-being and mental health, I worked with people to diagnose and address challenges while finding solutions through clinical assessment, ongoing one-on-one support, and crisis management.

My experience includes working with the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) community through Seattle Counseling Services to address any number of issues including coming out, sexual orientation, intimacy issues, internalized homophobia, and existential & spiritual issues.

Additionally, my work experience includes creating and leading a number of groups, including men's groups and groups focused on grief & loss.

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