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Fees & Insurance

My fee for individuals is $120 per 50-minute session. You may wish to incorporate your health insurance to pay for part or all of your sessions and I am a Preferred Provider with many insurance networks. However the coverage for our sessions will depend on your particular policy, and I am happy to contact your insurance company before we meet to check on your benefits. If you do choose to utilize health insurance, I complete all necessary paperwork and do all of the required billing to your insurance company.

My fee for couples is also $120 per 50-minute session. Many couple's therapists require 90-minute sessions for couples sessions, and at a rate of $120-$150 per hour, however I do not. Paying anything close to $200 per counseling session is simply not sustainable, nor in my opinion ethical, for most couples. I work hard to utilize our 50-minute session to the fullest, helping you to accomplish your goals within the hour.

*It is important to note that unfortunately health insurance does not cover couples/marriage counseling. This is often a surprising and upsetting reality for couples seeking help and wishing to have part or all of sessions covered by their insurer, however there are very clear and strict rules around what insurance does and does not cover. Please feel free to follow up with me to understand more about these limitations. My lower hourly rate is intended to assist couples paying out-of-pocket for relationship therapy given that insurance can rarely be involved.

Determining Insurance Benefits

I am happy to contact your insurance for you if you will please provide each of the following pieces of information, found on the front or back of your insurance card. Please send this information by email or leave it on my confidential voicemail (please do not text this information):

Your Full Name
Name of Your Insurance Carrier
Insurance Company Phone # (from the back of your insurance card)
Your Member ID #
Your Group ID #
Your Date of Birth
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address