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Location & Directions

My office is located at 1800 Westlake Ave N, Suite 302, on Lake Union right near downtown Seattle, with easy access from I-5 (Mercer Street exit) as well as 99/Aurora. Suite 302 is located on the second floor of the building when viewed from street level. Stairs are located at either end of the building, behind clear glass doors.

There are 3 places to park: the main lot on Westlake in front of the building, the Lake Union Building outdoor parking lot at 1700 Westlake Ave N (one building south), and the parking lot at 1505 8th Ave/Galer.

Main lot: There are random spots that become available each hour in the main lot going up and down Westlake Ave. These are the cheapest and likely should be considered the first option. *Please note that you can use the Pay By Phone app (www.paybyphone.com) to more easily pay for parking in this lot.

Lake Union Building at 1700: This is likely the 2nd best option, as it typically has at least a few open spots. The lot is just south of the Lake Union Building at 1700 Westlake, and has two levels: the top exposed lot is public (recommended) and the bottom underground level is private for the Lake Union Building tenants (rumored to not be monitored but I cannot guarantee this). This too is paid parking, using the ticket machine on the north end of the lot next to the building.

Underground lot at 1505 8th Ave/Galer: The last option is just south of my building is a east/west street that cuts across Westlake Ave called both Galer and 8th (two signs). Going west up 8th, just as it bends right, is a Diamond lot at 1505. This too is paid parking and typically has available spots.

From I-5 (Northbound or Southbound)
1. EXIT at Mercer St.
2. RIGHT onto Westlake Ave.
3. Park at 1800 Westlake Ave.
4. Use the stairs, found behind glass doors, on either side of the "1800" banner to walk to the 2nd floor where you will find suite 302.