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"Stay or Go" Counseling

Is your relationship too good to leave but too bad to stay? Maybe you know that your relationship needs serious help but are undecided about whether or not to keep trying? Before you decide to divorce or break up, you may wish to try discernment counseling.

Discernment, or "stay or go" counseling, can help. Discernment counseling is designed for couples where one or both partners is unsure about whether they want to save the relationship. Developed to act as a brief therapy rather than traditional couples therapy, it aims to help couples clarify the next steps through gaining a deeper understanding of what has happened to their relationship. The focus is not on solving relationship problems, but rather on finding out if they potentially can be resolved.

Is this similar to your situation?

Your partner wants to save the relationship but you are ambivalent about whether to stay or go.
You know you want to work on the relationship but your partner is unsure of whether or not to stay.
One or both of you is reluctant to commit to relationship therapy but is willing to discuss your hesitation with a qualified and skilled relationship counselor.

Discernment counseling is short-term, usually just one to five sessions, and results in a decision to choose one of three paths: make no changes for now, divorce or break up, or give the relationship one major last effort through a course of relationship therapy.

Let therapy help you figure out what to do next.

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