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Pre-Marital and Pre-Committment Therapy

Your relationship or marriage is one of the biggest decisions, and investments, you will ever make. Consider getting ahead of the game by protecting that investment through easily-learned strategies.

Don't be part of the statistic that couples attend therapy an average of 6 years later than they needed it. Why don't we have mandatory classes on healthy relationships? If we did we could help folks learn some basic skills and approaches to inevitable relationship challenges that would head off the distress most couples experience when they haven't received some guidance early on.

It's easy to get upset and off-track when discussing the many topics pre-marital or pre-committment couples face, like money, sex, and kids. An experienced counselor can help guide the conversation and make sure you each are feeling heard, understood, validated, and that you are coming up with a plan for your future together.

Topics vary depending on the couple, length of time together, and goals during our work. We will typically discuss topics such as:

Communication, conflict-resolution skills
Feeling emotionally connected and safe
Avoiding resentments
Values, goals, and life purpose
Reducing fears about marriage
Avoiding common relationship/marriage pitfalls
Sexual intimacy issues
Spirituality and religion

Typically pre-marital/pre-commitment therapy lasts 6-8 sessions, though you may wish to do more or less. During these sessions, we provide couples with tools and strategies to implement immediately that will help nurture and support the connection you have with each other.

While skilled relationship therapists can help a couple at any stage of their relationship, it is simply easier for partners to make positive changes earlier in their relationship. This early intervention greatly reduces the pain and resentment many couples experience for years before certain skills and techniques were in place. An investment in some preventative therapy pays immensely down the road!

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