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Women's FAQ

Counseling Services for Women

Individual Therapy for Women in the Seattle Area
Through therapy I can help you to resolve long-standing issues that may be interfering with your ability to form (and keep) satisfying relationships while realizing goals and fully experiencing the pleasures and joys of life.

With a supportive and mindful approach, I assist you in your process of exploration, understanding, healing, and growth by providing a safe space for you to examine feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and relationship patterns that may be interfering with your development and overall well-being.

Together we identify and discuss aspects of yourself and areas of your life you may wish to reflect upon, change, or strengthen.

The following are issues I often work with women on in counseling:

Depression & anxiety
Relationship difficulties, including marriage separation or divorce
Traumatic experiences, either in adulthood or childhood
Abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual)
Difficult childhoods
Limiting beliefs or behaviors
Understanding their partner
Affairs (wanting to prevent for themselves or having been cheated on)
Finding purpose, meaning, or value in life

Goals of Therapy
While the issues we work on are absolutely determined by you, there are a number of goals that are inherent in the therapeutic process itself. These typically include:

Deepening self-awareness and understanding
Discovering new ways to perceive and approach challenges
Removing blocks to our potential
Improving relationships with the people in our lives
Acquiring tools to be able to deal confidently with future emotional challenges
Reaching fullest personal and creative potential

The following section includes some frequently asked questions that should help further clarify my approach to working with women.