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Client Testimonials

We appreciate hearing from our clients and knowing how we've helped them positively transform their lives. Take a moment to see what our clients are saying about Clarity Counseling Seattle and don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. 

Give it a Chance

“We didn’t think therapy would help. We both went in SO cynical about us ever being able to make enough progress to make us want to stay together (boyfriend and I) but we are now ENGAGED. Whenever we’ve thanked Justin for the help he has always put it back on us, saying that we did the work that led to our success, and he’s right but we still give him a bunch of the credit for where we got to. To anyone reluctant to doing therapy we say try it.” - K.M.

Leaving Appreciative

“I’m one of the guys dragged into therapy kicking and screaming but I’m leaving feeling appreciative of the process. Justin said once that relationships are 'both an art and a science', and he helped us learn to do both. I don’t know how many other relationship counselors know what he knows or approach counseling like he does but how he did it worked really well for our needs. Soon into it I knew I didn’t need to keep fighting against the work, instead just accepting that with some guidance and some time our relationship would improve, and it has. Like I said, leaving appreciative.” - R.B.

Comfortable and Safe

“We knew my boyfriend was gonna prefer a male therapist but I was honestly worried about not feeling heard or understood, or even being ganged up on in session. Nothing like that happened, with Justin making us both feel very comfortable and safe in the sessions. There were no sides to be taken, instead, he helped us really get, and act like, we were on the same side, even when upset at each other. More than once I have referred Justin to both men and women I know.” - Lauren

Justin Knows His Craft

“We had had a pretty bad experience in relationship therapy in the past (not enough direction, we felt worse after) so we were skeptical about resuming therapy with someone else, but Justin was awesome. He has a lot of training and skills that he made really transparent to us, helping us know exactly what steps to take to get back on track. I don’t know how much training most therapists need but Justin knows his craft, and we were the better for it.” - E.G.

Direct Counseling Style

“Justin rocks! My wife and I both were drawn to his direct counseling style. We’ve worked with (too many!) marriage therapists in the past and while they’ve helped, no one did enough to really help us get movement and actual change! I know they have to ask us a lot about how we feel but Justin’s way of doing marriage therapy had more engagement and structure, which reassured us that we weren’t wasting our time.” - R.W.

Great Counselor For a Woman

“Who knew a man specializing in men would be such a great counselor for a woman? When I first came in I didn’t know that Justin’s therapy practice focused more on men, and honestly might not have come in if I had known, but now I won’t work with anyone else. Justin has been instrumental in my personal progress over the past 2 years and I know I’m blessed to have stumbled across this most valuable resource. Many, many thanks!” - Catherine

Male Perspective Extremely Helpful

“As a woman I’ve worked with female therapists before and loved them, but it’s also really valuable to work with a male therapist too. Over the many months that we worked together, Justin’s male perspective was extremely helpful for me in my relationship with my husband but also for me personally.” - H.E

The Right Approach

“I thought my husband would never set foot in couples therapy, and he barely gave it a chance at first but Justin was able to get him on board fairly quickly. It needed the right approach for my husband to be willing to do the process but Justin had that right approach, showing him that therapy didn’t need to be so scary, that things can be better at home, and that it isn’t weak to even be in therapy. We’re not sure if another therapist could’ve done that for him.”- N.N.

Easy to Talk Through

“I was worried I’d have a hard time opening up in the office but Justin made it really easy for me to talk through my stuff and make the changes I needed.” - Rob

Gladly Recommended

“We’ve gladly recommended Justin for both individual and marriage therapy to a lot of our friends and family.” - D.W.

No Blame or Taking Sides

“I was worried when my boyfriend asked me to attend his individual counseling with Justin, thinking these two men wouldn’t be on my side on our relationship issues but that wasn’t at all how it went. In those sessions, Justin was able to help me to better understand what was happening with my boyfriend, including my role in our relationship issues, but he did so without blame or siding with him. I really appreciated that.” - Kate

I Highly Recommend

“I didn’t wanna be here! I came in shut down, skeptical, and thinking I’d be miserable talking about my stuff. I’m leaving therapy fully convinced that it helps, it’s worth the time, and that Justin is one of the good ones out there who knows how to help. He doesn’t do it for you, he helps you learn to do your own work so that you don’t need therapy anymore. I highly recommend you try therapy, and that you work with Justin." - Daniel

Men In Therapy

“Men don’t usually tell people in their life they’re in therapy but I have been happy to, and have referred many friends to Justin over the years.” - C.C.

Wish I Did It Earlier

“My wife told me to do this a long time ago and I wish I had listened to her!” - A.B.

Positive Change is Possible

“Justin really has the skills, experience, and knowledge to jump into the problems with me and help me to make things better. He said that positive change was possible for me and he turned out to be right.” - Alex