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5 Things to Quit

5 things to quit:

1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down in any way
5. Overthinking

These are, of course, difficult to quit. Want some help? We work with men and women every day to do just that.

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Five Illusions of Manhood (and how to dissolve them)

1. To be a man, you must operate without emotion. Men are generally conditioned from a very early age not to feel. We tend to move from a feeling modality to one of thinking, trying to process everything from the head up, which causes dysfunction.

2. To be a man, you must use sexual conquest as a gauge of manhood. We often believe that the more people we sleep with, the more we validate ourselves. Sex becomes merely physical without the emotional and spiritual goals of love, intimacy, and connection.

3. To be a man, you must have money and material possessions. This illusion often drives our feelings of inadequacy. We wrongly ...

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The Mask You Live In

The acclaimed documentary The Mask You Live In about how boys are socialized to not feel, need, or be vulnerable is, I believe, one of the most important films any male or parent of a boy can watch. I highly recommend that you invest the 90 minutes to watch it, just please note the movie is for age 15 and older. And if you want support from a therapist in helping with issues of raising boys, the transition into manhood, or healthy masculinity, you can read more about how we can help.

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