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Services Offered
A variety of services are available, including:
Men’s Therapy
Couples Therapy
Individual Counseling
Sex Therapy
Couples Therapy for One
“Stay or Go” Counseling
Pre-Marital and Pre-Commitment Therapy
EMDR Therapy for Trauma & Abuse
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Welcome to the Clarity Counseling Seattle Secure Client Area

I'm glad you are reaching out. I'm here to help by offering premier relationship, couples, and individual counseling in the Westlake area of Seattle. 

If you are a NEW CLIENT, I offer 50-minute sessions at $160 for both individual therapy and couples counseling. I can accept credit cards (including Health Saving Accounts), checks, and cash for payment.

New clients can request a therapy session by following these simple steps:
1. Click here and choose New Client.
2. Select an available option shown in the calendar.
3. Fill in the requested information.
4. Very soon I will respond to the request in email or by phone.

*Please note: if no times are shown as available, just shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can try to find something that works. 

1. Click here and choose Existing Client.
2. Enter your login and password when prompted.
3. Click the Appointments link at the top of the page to choose any available appointments