Couples Therapy for One in Seattle, WA

Is your relationship no longer working the way it used to? Perhaps it changed somewhere along the way.

Maybe you’ve been hinting that it’s time to address what's happening to make it better and you know that counseling will help – but your partner refuses to go.

Many people in this situation believe that without their partner’s active participation in counseling the relationship is doomed, or at least stuck. But people resist counseling for all kinds of reasons, and just because your partner isn’t, or cannot be, a willing participant doesn’t mean that all is lost.

The truth is that couples therapy with just one half of the equation still helps!

Who Is Leading Your Dance?

Every relationship, of all genders and orientations, between two people is a kind of dance. When one person changes the steps of the dance, the other person must change their own patterns as well. Have you ever caught yourself responding to your partner’s behavior without understanding your own reaction?

You can’t force another person to change their behaviors. What you can do, however, is learn better ways to communicate, and what often happens is that your partner, without even realizing it, picks up on these changes and changes their own behavior in response. This isn't manipulation, it's a healthy adjustment in your interaction strategy that often results in positive benefits for both. Change your steps of the dance and your partner will change theirs as well.

For example, you might come to couples therapy frustrated by the frequent defensiveness of your partner. Working with a skilled and compassionate counselor can show you that you may be inadvertently communicating criticism to your partner. With this insight, your partner’s defensiveness makes sense and compassion is generated. At this point, you can learn how to more clearly communicate your needs in ways that avoid criticism. Since your partner no longer feels defensive, their behavior that is troubling you fades away.

Silhouette of hands making heart We have seen this and similar situations many times and have helped many people change their steps to create a new, stronger, more beautiful dance.

Work with Clarity Counseling in 98109

Your counselor is your ally, and working one on one allows for greater privacy and freedom to explore options and counseling philosophies so that you can create the change that you desire in your relationship.

Do you need more clarity in your relationship? As Licensed Therapists, we have years of experience working with couples and individuals to help build stronger, deeper relationships. The insights you gain from counseling can help you in all kinds of relationships, from personal to professional.

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