Lifespan Integration in Seattle, WA

Woman looking pensive | Seattle WA TherapistLifespan Integration, or "LI", is a gentle, body-based therapeutic method that provides healing without re-traumatizing the patient. The body and mind have an innate ability to heal themselves, and LI taps into this healing process using body awareness, active imagination/visualization, and the creation of a visual time line of one's life. LI is a cutting-edge therapy based on recent developments in neuroscience, is considered evidence-based, and has been practiced since 2004, with thousands of therapists around the world having been trained in this method.

LI helps us to reorganize the parts of our brain where problematic old “stuff” is stored, allowing us to make different choices in situations where we may have previously felt overwhelmed or frozen. Dan Fajans is the therapist in our practice who offers this approach to therapy as just one of the ways he can help. Though Dan is skilled in a number of therapeutic disciplines, he often recommends to his clients that they consider using this amazing tool in therapy because of how effective it is at helping clients create real, lasting change.

While everyone’s experience is unique, positive changes are typically experienced within just a few sessions, with longer-term treatment providing reinforcement and strengthening of these initial changes.

Who Lifespan Integration Can Help

Lifespan Integration is especially helpful for people with difficult or traumatic experiences that they are struggling to get past, but it is also often helpful for people experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship problems, parenting difficulties, addiction, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and many other serious mental health problems. In other words, almost everyone who walks into a therapist's office. This is because unresolved emotions and inadequate resolution of some of our past experiences are so often at the heart of these issues. LI is a very effective way to address these underlying causes without requiring years of insight-oriented talk therapy that may not even get to the root of the issue.

How Do I Learn More

What we have mentioned here is of course a very general description of the LI approach to therapy, so you may wish to read more about it on the official Lifespan Integration website.

There are many ways Dan helps his clients but if the Lifespan Integration approach appeals to you, you can schedule an initial appointment with Dan through our online calendar.