Sex/Intimacy Therapy in Seattle, WA

Sexual struggles are surprisingly common in romantic relationships. If you and your partner are struggling to connect sexually, or if your sex life feels less natural than it once did, rest assured that you are not alone. 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we routinely work with people who are struggling with problems such as:

  • Low sex drive
  • No sex drive
  • Low sexual desire 
  • No sexual desire 
  • Mismatched sexual desire in their marriage or relationship
  • Sexless marriage 

We understand the critical role that sex and physical intimacy play in most relationships, which means we know the devastating effects that sexual problems can bring. Our goal is to help couples work through the challenges in their sex lives and to provide a way for them to rediscover their physical connections. 

If your relationship is suffering because of low sex drive or any other sexual stumbling block, our licensed counselors want to help. Please call us at (206) 910-1218 to find out more or to schedule your first sex therapy session in Seattle, WA today! 

Complaints We Commonly Hear 

Often, we find that many of our clients share similar frustrations or complaints when it comes to their sex lives. For most of these people, these complaints occur despite an otherwise-happy and healthy relationship! 

Statements we often hear from the individuals and couples we help include:

"Sex gradually became less frequent in our relationship.”

“I have trouble consistently keeping my erection. I’m not sure if this is related to low sex drive, or if something else is to blame.”

“I often find intercourse painful.”

“Our relationship is great—we are best friends and do everything together! We always enjoy each other’s company and can usually talk about anything. It’s just sex that’s the problem.” 

“Our sex life used to feel natural and spontaneous. Now, our sex is boring, routine, difficult, and strictly limited to intercourse.” 

"We don’t seem to connect anymore."

"There’s no more passion. How can we increase a mutually low sexual desire?"

"We remember when sex seemed effortless, but now we are bored, disgruntled, and disappointed."

"I’m worried it takes too long for her to reach orgasm."

These statements are just a handful of the common complaints we receive at our Seattle, WA counseling office. To learn more about how sex therapy can help resolve these issues, keep reading below! 

A Safe Space to Discuss Sensitive Matters

Unfortunately, by the time couples present for sex therapy treatment, partners are often frustrated, discouraged, and pessimistic that any treatment can help them, particularly psychotherapy. Many people are skeptical that merely talking about an intimacy problem can produce results, so they put off going to sex therapy until they have exhausted all other options. 

In reality, however, your relationship will benefit most from sex therapy if you start attending as soon as the problems begin!  Most of us didn’t grow up openly talking about sex, and it may feel embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss the details of your sex life—even with your partner or spouse! 

Often, individuals and couples have tried to solve their sexual issues on their own using information found on the internet or from books. Without the help and guidance of an experienced professional, however, these conversations can only be so helpful. 

Sex therapy is so effective because it provides a safe, private space to discuss deeply personal topics such as physical intimacy. Your Seattle sex therapist will work alongside you and your partner to understand the problems in your sex life and to come up with creative solutions to your questions. It’s hard to discuss topics like your low sexual desire or sexless marriage, but our professional team will help guide the conversation, so it feels safe, productive, and judgment-free. 

Help For Every Person 

Skepticism and fear about sex therapy are entirely normal, and it’s something we encounter with many of our clients. Our licensed professional counselors routinely work with individuals and couples of all genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations who seek out sex therapy in the Seattle area. No matter who you are or what your situation is, it’s ok to experience feelings of hopelessness and frustration about low or no sex drive, inability to reach orgasm, or mismatched sexual desire between partners. The good news is that we can offer hope and help, so you no longer have to work through these problems alone. 

Our sex therapists are clinicians who are specially trained to work compassionately with couples of all backgrounds without any bias. We base every treatment approach and method we use in our Seattle sex therapy on principles, techniques, and research that is governed by the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Sex therapy does not ever involve physical instruction or observation of any sex act by the therapist. Our clients review all educational materials or homework assignments outside of their counseling sessions, and all persons participating in the session will always be clothed and maintain professional boundaries at all times.

A Window Into a Sex Therapy Session 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we conduct our sex therapy and intimacy therapy sessions just like a typical therapy session. Our counselors want to help you and your partner rediscover a healthy sex life, and we do this by examining internal and external influencing factors. 

We will discuss relevant areas of your life, your sexual history, and the sexual problems you are experiencing in a safe, supportive, and professional environment. Our job is to figure out the exact causes of the issue(s), and we help you to understand how to address those issues specifically.

Sex/Intimacy therapy is for individual men or women within a relationship, men or women not currently in a relationship, and married couples.

Issues commonly addressed in sex therapy include:

  • Optimizing sexual experiences with your partner
  • Low sexual desire in men or women
  • Mismatched sexual desire/libido in a couple
  • Erectile problems or sexual dysfunction
  • Rapid/premature ejaculation
  • Problems reaching orgasm, both in the past and the present 
  • The road to recovery after infidelity and how to reestablish trust and intimacy 
  • Out-of-control sexual behavior
  • Desire to improve communication, satisfaction, and overall sexual intimacy with a partner
  • Blending of spiritual/religious moral beliefs with healthy expression of sexuality

Often, the identified problem turns out to not be sexual at all but instead stems from other everyday struggles such as miscommunication, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, or relationship distress. We help with resources, education, exercises, and discussion for the individual or couple and support the process with problem-solving and encouragement.

You should always feel safe and comfortable during your sex therapy sessions. Our job is to help you explore problems in your life and design solutions and coping strategies that will work for you. You may not notice improvements in your sex life overnight, but with time, you will learn to have a healthier physical relationship with your partner and can look forward to intimacy once again. 

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While treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual or couple with interventions that work on the problem, we always base our sex therapy on established, science-based approaches that have been helping men and women with sexual issues for many decades.

If you and your partner are struggling, our therapists can provide effective sex therapy in South Lake Union. Please contact us today at (206) 910-1218 to get started