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This is what's really going on...

October 2, 2019
Posted By: Justin Pere, LMHC
The Child Inside | Counselor in Seattle WA

Someone just sent me this image and I had to share. It's an art installation at this year's Burning Man and it's brilliant. This is so often what is happening between two members of a couple when in distress: the child parts of themselves are really just trying to move toward each other - to repair and connect. Inside, often with us unaware, are our younger selves who feel vulnerable, scared, and unsure, and who really just long to be seen, known, loved, and accepted by their partner. When we learn to connect to that part of ourselves during conflict, we can step out of the adult self who feels an urge to shut down, be defensive and turn away, and instead learn to move toward our partner with the curiosity, purity, and playfulness of a child.

Yes, this can be learned!  :)  We can help with Couple's Therapy and more. Schedule at Clarity Counseling Seattle in 98109! 


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