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teletherapy patients practicing public social distancing in Seattle, WA

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By the COVID-19 Outbreak? Teletherapy Can Help

March 24, 2020
Posted By: Clarity Counseling Seattle
teletherapy patients practicing social distancing from the public in Seattle, WA

We are living in strange and difficult times. Our world faces challenges many of us have never before seen in our lifetimes, and life here in America looks very different than it did only weeks ago. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions of fear, sadness, uncertainty, panic, or loneliness due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. The good news is that you don’t have to face these feelings without support. 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we are offering teletherapy counseling sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although our traditional method of providing counseling face-to-face has been put on hold as we all adjust to social distancing, our Seattle counseling team can still offer a full range of digital therapy opportunities.  


Teletherapy to Fight the Frustration and Loneliness of Isolation 

For most of us, our lives have changed dramatically since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s completely natural to feel lonely and frustrated by abrupt, indefinite changes to your schedule and your daily life. Whether you’re having trouble adjusting to working from home, are struggling to maintain your sanity with all of your children out of school, or feel isolated from your community as business around you shut their doors, the effects of social distancing are tangible and, for many, painful. 

Our Seattle teletherapy offers support and a place to turn if you’re feeling overwhelmed by being “cooped up” or if your new schedule is getting the best of you. 

Telecounseling for Couples in Seattle, WA

Your romantic life has undoubtedly felt the effects of COVID-19, even if indirectly.

There’s a whole other set of challenges that you and your spouse or partner will face during this period of isolation and distancing. Perhaps you’re both working remotely in close quarters when you’re used to spending the days apart, or maybe you’re both extroverts who enjoy spending time with friends at dinners or in social settings. It could even be that your significant other has fallen ill, and you are both required to stay at home while they recover.

No matter the reason for your frustrations, teletherapy can help you learn to navigate your “new normal” while maintaining healthy boundaries and keeping your relationship alive. 

Schedule Online Counseling in Seattle Today

If you’re an existing client at our 98109 counseling office who does not want to miss your regular therapy session, we can continue on your regular schedule with teletherapy! Or, if you’re a new client, we are happy to begin counseling appointments with you immediately to help you cope with the mental and physical effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we believe that your mental health should always be a priority. No matter what you’re feeling during this uncertain time, our teletherapy sessions can provide a sense of comfort and connect you to a support system during the COVID-19 crisis. To schedule a teletherapy appointment with us, please call (206) 910-1218 today. 

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