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KOMO News Interview with Justin Pere - Part 3: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction & Support

April 22, 2020
Posted By: Justin Pere, LMHC, CGT
Justin Pere interview with KOMO News | 98108 Counseling

Justin Pere was recently interviewed by John Colucci with KOMO News in an online Q&A, taking questions submitted by KOMO News followers. In this interview, we discussed ways to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and how this "new normal" we're all trying to forge in this unknown future is impacting our minds, our bodies, our marriages, and our families.

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A brief description of the answer given can be found below the video clip.


Alcoholism, Drug Addiction & Support

How can we support people in recovery from substance abuse or addiction?

  • Online or virtual AA meetings;
  • Connect more with your sponsor, reaching out by phone or video chat. You can also meet in person if you keep your distance;
  • Revisit and adhere to your sobriety plan;
  • Lean on social supports by phone or virtually or in-person from a distance;
  • Be willing to ask for help.
  • Allies can be more proactive in checking in, spend time with them virtually on the phone, online, or in-person from a distance, and also ask them how you can better support them right now.
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