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KOMO News Interview with Justin Pere - Part 5: Anxiety, Depression & Coping With Our New Normal

May 20, 2020
Posted By: Justin Pere, LMHC, CGT
KOMO News Interview with Justin Pere

Justin Pere was recently interviewed by John Colucci with KOMO News in an online Q&A, taking questions submitted by KOMO News followers. In this interview, we discussed ways to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and how this "new normal" we're all trying to forge in this unknown future is impacting our minds, our bodies, our marriages, and our families.

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A brief description of the answer given can be found below the video clip.




Anxiety, Depression and Coping With Our New Normal

The question was asked about people who suffer from anxiety and depression, given that it is particularly high for a lot of people as the pandemic is starting but that depression & anxiety are new to many folks. So what are some of the ways that people who are experiencing anxiety and depression, particularly those who are new to these experiences, can support themselves or find support?

  • First, remember that anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms are a normal, expected reaction to this abnormal situation.
  • Limit your news: limit exposure to the amount, and the types, of information in the new each day. Stay informed if you wish but don't do a deep-dive into articles that appear to be making your symptoms worse.
  • Focus on self-care: What is self-care for you? What helps you relax, be in your body, be more present? Exercise, taking a bath, talking to people in your life who are grounding?
  • Exercise: Use your body. Stretch, go on walks, do casual yoga in your living room, have a dance party with your spouse or family (really!). Whatever helps you to get out of our head and more into our body and your senses.
  • Breath intentionally and try to allow your body to relax: There really is something to breathing purposefully, as it shifts our physiology when we breathe in a deeper way from our belly. Also, scan your body for tightness or tension to relax those muscles.
  • Mindfulness: Try apps like Calm or Headspace for mindfulness meditations. Look into "mindfulness based stress reduction", or "MBSR". Meditation isn't about enlightenment - it's the equivalent of exercise for your mind & emotions.
  • Read a book: Read books about anxiety, depression, or stress, in particular "The Mindful Way Through Anxiety". Or read something having nothing to do with reality - something fiction or fantasy. It's okay to escape reality for a while!
  • Lean on social supports; Who can you talk to? Who haven't you talked in a while? Who helps you feel more grounded and calm? Be willing to reach out to them as needed...this is when we need to lean on each other.
  • Get into (or back into) therapy: We are fully open for online therapy and our practice alone is currently seeing over 100 individuals & couples a week. Therapists are just a call or click away, and we know how to help with your particular struggle - we just need to know you're out there.

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