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KOMO News Interview with Justin Pere - Part 1: Our Collective State of Grief

March 29, 2020
Posted By: Justin Pere, LMHC, CGT
KOMO News interview with Justin Pere of Clarity Counseling Seattle

Justin Pere was recently interviewed by John Colucci with KOMO News in an online Q&A, taking questions submitted by KOMO News followers. In this interview, we discussed ways to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and how this "new normal" we're all trying to forge in this unknown future is impacting our minds, our bodies, our marriages, and our families.

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A brief description of the answer given can be found below the video clip.




Our Collective State of Grief

  • Give yourself the time and space to feel that when it arises;
  • But then try to unplug from those conditioned responses to find your grounding;
  • Try to find a place of surrender, acceptance, wholeness, creativity, and even healthy vigilance.
  • How do you want to be changed by this when it's over? Consider asking yourself some difficult but important questions, like:
  1. How do I wanna position myself as I grow through this?
  2. As I'm being stretched by these unprecedented events, how can I keep my eye on the big picture?
  3. How can this be an opportunity for me to really refine my way of being with my partner so that our relationship isn't brittle or fragile or defended when storms like this come
  4. What new rituals, and rituals of connection, do my marriage and my family need as we adapt to spending more and different time together for the next many weeks?
  5. Who am I as a person being called to become through this event?
  6. What am I being initiated into?
  7. What is my growth right now to be of service to the people I lead and serve, which may be employees or clients or family members?
  8. What's happening now is really showing up where it is that we've not been attending to places in our relationship with ourselves, or our partner, or our family, or our community, and now those edges may be frayed when we really need those edges to be how does that inform me about what in my internal life and my external life needs attention right now?

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