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What are the benefits to a male client working with a male therapist?

Man smiling | Counseling in Seattle[Justin Pere answering] I personally have a great deal of experience working with female counselors, both as a colleague and as a client, so I very much believe in males working with female counselors. Some of my most influential mentors were (and are!) the women I encountered in a therapeutic setting over the years. However, I discovered long ago the power that also exists in working with a male therapist, and have believed ever since in helping male therapists to be available to those male clients who wish to try working with their same gender expression in therapy.

Benefits of a Male Therapist for Men's Therapy

A therapist need not have experienced every issue a client brings into counseling to be able to work effectively with them (what tortured souls therapists would be if that were the case!), however the value of a therapist being able to relate in a very personal way to the majority of issues men bring into men's therapy is immeasurable, and the same-sex commonality of counselor and client is one I have come to appreciate.

Additionally, men generally have a much harder time opening up about their challenges than women do and often find it easier to discuss certain issues with another male-identified person.

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