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Why EMDR instead of the talk therapy I've done in the past?

Man writing in journal | Therapist Seattle WATalking uses your left-brain functions that are based on logic and reason. We can know logically that, say, something that occurred in the past was long ago; however, our right-brain processes and our bodies are where our traumas are held.

Past Negative Experiences

Remnants of past negative experiences that continue to cause us distress in the present are held in our nervous systems, not in our left-brain logic. We frequently hear statements like "I know this shouldn't still bother me... but it does," or "I know I don't need to feel this way anymore... but I still do." It is your left brain that is making the first part of that statement and your right brain and body following the "but," which will win out over your left-brain logic most times.

Work on Lasting Change

We can't just talk our way into lasting change when it comes to emotions, body, and beliefs. We have to get to where this problematic material is actually held within our system, which must be by way of emotions and body awareness, not spoken words. 

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