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What can we expect from premarital or precommittment therapy with your group?

A common question we’re asked is if our premarital or precommitment therapy is a set program that lasts a certain amount of sessions. Though we all do premarital or precommitment therapy a little differently, as would most therapists, we don't require that you are on any kind of program. From the moment you arrive at your first session, we work to help you to understand the components of your relationship that need your attention, and then how to skillfully and effectively improve those areas. How long that takes can certainly vary, but we find that most premarital couples stay with us for at least 10 sessions. Couple in premarital therapy Seattle

What Happens During a Premarital Therapy Session?

We use the Gottman Relationship Checkup, which takes about an hour to complete at home, to be able to quickly get to the areas of your relationship that need attention. We teach you skills, provide helpful information, and support you in having necessary conversations that will pave the way for the two of you to work as a team with whatever your marriage or commitment will challenge you with.

The Benefits of Precommitment Therapy

Selfishly we all love to work with premarital or precommitment couples! It’s just so neat to be able to help couples to avoid the common pitfalls of long-term relationships that would creep up if the couple didn’t take these preventative steps. All relationship skills can be learned, and really you can never start too soon in gaining some knowledge and establishing healthy couple habits that will allow for a stable and rewarding lifelong union.


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