Clarity Counseling Seattle

Can we do in-person therapy sessions right now?

The four of us would love to be able to meet with you in-person, absolutely. We miss being able to greet you at the door, shake your hand, offer you a snack, perhaps give you a hug goodbye.

But we simply can't right now, as it just wouldn't be safe for either you or us if we all sat around indoors talking all day. With what we know to-date about how contagious the virus is, and how it's mostly transmitted through air particles. *This professor does a wonderful job describing how the virus spreads and why we need to avoid meeting in enclosed spaces for now.

We assure you that we'll resume in-person therapy sessions just as soon as it's safe for us all to do so. In the meantime, having done teletherapy for many months now, we know that we have an online therapy solution that works really well while we wait to resume face-to-face appointments.

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ONLINE THERAPY (TELEHEALTH): We are open for business (online therapy) and accepting new clients (206-910-1218) for individual and couples therapy at this time.