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Why not just lean on friends through grief?

Thank goodness for great friends! And family, and community members, and whoever else in your life helps you to deal with, well, life.

But these wonderful people can't be expected to know how to properly navigate their own grieving process, let alone help guide you through yours. Seattle grief therapists like Hanna Kokko are specifically trained, skilled, and experienced in knowing how to assist someone in the midst of their grief in ways that others simply wouldn't know how to do. By the same token, friends and family can do things for a grieving person that a therapist is unable to. We all have our roles in how we help each other through some of the tougher things about being human, and it's nice to be able to reach out to a professional whose who career is geared toward helping with this particular challenge.

If you or someone you know needs more than amazing friends for help with their grief, we encourage you to reach out to a grief counselor for that help.

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