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What does an LI session look like...what do we do?

A Lifespan Integration session looks more like guided meditation or hypnotherapy than traditional talk therapy.  During your LI sessions your therapist will use one of several LI “protocols” to repeatedly walk you through a “movie” of your life. For example, if you are having difficult emotions many years after a traumatic event, your therapist might repeatedly walk you through memories of that event and other things that have happened since then to help “prove” to your nervous system that the event is over. In some cases, you might visualize going back in time to join with a younger version of yourself and re-imagine a different outcome to a traumatic memory. A good Lifespan Integration therapist will work in collaboration with you to determine what specific protocols will be most effective in bringing you relief from the issues you are seeking help with.

Lifespan Integration in Seattle

Traveling through time (in a sense) from the past memory scene to the present is usually repeated 3 - 8 times during a session. *Older clients and clients with more traumatic childhoods often require more repetitions of the LI protocol to clear the memories of trauma and to "re-write" the life script more accurately.

Each repetition of the timeline protocol shows the client a slightly different "moving picture show". For people who have trouble remembering their past, this approach to therapy can be extremely effective. During LI therapy, clients who began with gaps in their memory are eventually able to connect the pieces of their lives into a coherent whole.

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