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Why would I want to do LI rather than regular talk therapy?

Person holding compass in the mountains | Lifespan Integration Seattle WAOften we come to therapy because we are doing, thinking, feeling, or saying things we know don’t quite make sense to us: “Why am I still scared all these years later?” “I don’t know why I get so mad – it just happens.” “I keep on lying to her and I don’t understand why?”

Lifespan Integration Therapy in Seattle, WA

If you could just talk or think your way out of these challenges, you would! Lifespan Integration is especially helpful with these kinds of stuck thoughts, emotions, and behavior that feel beyond your logical control.

By building a more integrated self, you become more able to engage your life using all of your present-day capacity rather than a more limited, automatic, younger response. LI is structured in a way that allows this to happen more quickly than many other approaches to therapy.

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