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What does premarital counseling do?

Premarital counseling exists to help couples better prepare for marriage while they are still dating or engaged. 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we love working with couples in our premarital counseling sessions because we know the difference that a solid foundation built before marriage can make to a couple during their marriage. 

Pre-Marital Therapy in Seattle, WA

Premarital counseling in Seattle gives you and your partner a chance to discuss some of the “big ticket” topics in a safe, private environment before beginning your marriage. According to the Mayo Clinic, common areas of discussion include:

  • Goals for your marriage
  • Perceptions of how politics, religion, and belief systems will impact your relationship
  • Finances, debt, and career aspirations 
  • Attitudes toward sex, intimacy, and affection
  • Your individual families and your hopes for your new family
  • Feelings about gender roles and sharing household chores and responsibilities 

Premarital counseling sessions help you learn healthier communication and anger management skills and practice resolving conflicts in a way that benefits both partners.

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At Clarity Counseling Seattle, our licensed therapists and marriage counselors know how to help couples strengthen their bonds early on and prevent problems from escalating once those couples enter into a marriage. Partners who participate in premarital counseling typically have a better understanding of what the other person wants and expects from them going into their commitment than partners who don’t.

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