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Should we do premarital online therapy given the virus?

Close up of couple holding hands | Premarital Online Therapy Seattle WAOur answer to that is an enthusiastic 'yes'!  First we should say, if your wedding plans were delayed or cancelled we're so sorry to hear that. In the past many months we've spoken with so many couples who have had their wedding plans thwarted by the pandemic, and we can imagine how disappointing that must be.

With an uncertain timeline of when engaged couples can have their ceremony, yes, we absolutely recommend that you do some premarital relationship therapy as soon as possible. The research on couples suggests this as well, that on average couples attend relationship therapy about 6 years later than they could have used it.

Premarital Online Therapy in 98109

What is so valuable about premarital counseling in Seattle, WA is less about the type of therapy it is and more about the time period of a relationship within which it occurs. The challenges we will all face in our marriages are inevitable and unavoidable, but what we can do is to get ahead of those difficulties by learning skills and practices that can greatly reduce the common pitfalls of long-term relationships.

So it's never too early to start improving your relationship with help from a trained relationship therapist. It can only help.

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