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When I research EMDR on the Internet it appears this therapy is typically used for PTSD. What if I don't have PTSD?

woman on cellphoneMany people doing EMDR therapy do not have a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress.

EMDR Therapy for More Than Just PTSD

Though originally developed for treatment of PTSD, over 25 years of research, usage, and adaptation by tens of thousands of EMDR therapists have led to its application with a large number of issues, including depression, anxiety, phobias, unhealthy relationship patterns, abandonment issues, low self-esteem, inhibited performance, grief, insomnia, panic, and procrastination. I am able to effectively utilize this approach with nearly all of my clients, most of whom do not qualify as having post-traumatic stress.

Remember that trauma actually has a very broad definition and can be caused by anything from a critical parent to a bad breakup to an embarrassing moment as a child.

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