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Therapy didn't work for me in the past. Why should I try it again?

There are a couple of common reasons why the process of therapy can be ineffective or, at a minimum, disappointing. For some, they may not have been truly ready to perform the necessary work of facing up to and working on the real issues at play in their situation, and this resistance stunted the process of creating lasting change.

It is not uncommon for people, though well-intentioned, to seek therapy in hopes of changing those around them rather than working on themselves. Thankfully, it is usually the case that when we change ourselves, those around us change as well. 

For others, the pairing of client and therapist may simply not have been the right match. Though many therapists differ in their specific therapeutic approach, most agree that the single best determinant of success in therapy is the quality of the working relationship between therapist and client.

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