Luxury Intimacy Wellness & Couples Retreat in Zihuatanejo, Mexico


*A message from Justin Pere, Owner and Lead Therapist at Clarity Counseling Seattle:

There are a handful of ways to approach revitalizing your intimate life with your partner. Traditional couples sex therapy, group therapy, and couples therapy for one are chief among them. I love that my team and I have been able to offer each of these services to the thousands of couples who have reached out to us for help since starting this therapy practice in 2010.

And here is yet another way to help couples who are struggling with connection and intimacy in their relationship: a luxury couples getaway retreat to a gorgeous, sexy, and rejuvenating setting, where trained intimacy & relationship therapists and wellness coaches will help you and your partner to find each other again. This isn't just another trip to Mexico...this is a unique opportunity for 7 couples to immerse themselves in an environment of connection, healing, luxury, rest, and health.

Casa Angelina in Zihuatanejo, Mexico is a 7 bedroom, 5 pool, private villa that entices couples to focus lovingly on each other, and with daily guidance from intimacy coaches and wellness experts, each couple will be supported in their journey back to one another.

The trained sex and intimacy therapists in our practice are actually not involved in this retreat, and yet I have enthusiastically and whole-heartedly created this page on our website to let couples know of this unique and wonderful opportunity.

The retreat experience will be lead by some of our favorite colleagues from the Seattle area:

Jen Howe, MPT, FMCHC, NBC-HWC - Physical Therapist and Health Coach
Monica Lynne, MA, LMHCA - Intimacy, Sex, and Relationship Therapist
Diego Vitelli, MA, LMFTA - Relationship Therapist

This approach to sparking your love life isn't for everyone, but for the fortunate 7 couples who are able to attend this April 24th - 28th 2022 event, a pretty amazingly neat experience awaits you and your partner.

Please take a moment to view both the Erosante website and this slideshow, as the allure of this unique opportunity can really only be understood through photos...