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Specializing in Men's Issues In and Around Westlake/South Lake Union
Increasing numbers of men are coming in for therapy. The culture is shifting, and vulnerability is being normalized. Therapy doesn't have nearly the stigma for men that it once did, thanks in part to public figures, popular culture, and men in our own lives becoming more visible and forthcoming about their own therapy experiences and their need to talk real talk. Finally we are realizing that entering into therapy doesn't mean that we are weak, unable to help ourselves, or that there is something wrong with us. Quite the opposite - it takes strength to own and share what's challenging for us.

We certainly have reason to seek help at times, as hard as it sometimes is for us to ask. Men often have their own long-standing issues that interfere with their ability to form satisfying relationships while realizing goals and fully experiencing the joys of life. An experienced and skilled therapist can help men better understand how we get in our own way at times around relationships, health, and daily life stresses.

The Seattle Times wrote a great piece about the value of men working with male therapists,
found here.

Common Men's Issues Addressed in Therapy
Though relationships are a popular topic in therapy, I also help men in the Seattle area with a variety of issues, including the following:

Issues specific to working in the tech field, in which I used to work
Depressed mood or lack of enjoyment in life
Anxiety (in general, socially, or any other type)
Stress management (from personal or professional life)
Poor self-esteem
Limiting beliefs or behaviors
Troublesome breakups, separations, or divorces
Finding purpose, meaning, or value in life
Difficult childhoods
Traumatic experiences, either in adulthood or childhood

Men Already In Relationships
Men often seek my help around their primary relationship as they struggle with confusion about how to handle relationship and marriage issues, including:
Communication breakdown with their partner
Difficulty connecting on an emotional level
Unhealthy relationship patterns that resurface again and again
Whether or not to fight for the relationship
Desire to end the relationship, or fear of them ending it first
Tension or concerns around internet pornography

Men Looking For A Relationship
More and more it seems men are entering into counseling for assistance finding the partner they wish to settle down with rather than continuing with short-term dating experiences that ultimately lead nowhere. The dating world has changed a bit, given the emergence of online dating services (1 in 6 couples who married last year met on and socio-cultural shifts in the dynamics between men and women. Yet, some elements of a man's search for his right life partner remain intact and are troublesome:
Difficulty connecting on an emotional level
Ineffective or problematic communication
Resistance to fully committing to a relationship
Unhealthy relationship patterns that continue to resurface
Struggling to remain faithful
Trust or jealousy issues
Resistance to accepting differences between you and the person you're dating

These, and a number of other factors, are often at play when men are having difficulty finding (and maintaining) relationships. I can help you determine what is getting in the way of you having the relationship you want and work with you to find (and keep!) that relationship.

The following section includes some frequently asked questions that should help further clarify my approach to working with men.