Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy in Seattle, WA

We've all heard that relationships are complex and take work, but most of us don't exactly know what type of work we should be doing. And how would we? We weren't given a manual on how to navigate relationships effectively. Most of us never took classes that taught us how to connect with others successfully. We don't have an instructor who can help guide us through the real-life experience of marriage or committed relationships. And certainly, none of us predicted that our relationships would be tested in the ways we all are right now because of the pandemic. 

Break out of the Routine

Plenty of couples have suddenly become a type of coworker to each other, as they struggle to work from home most dayscouple's therapy seattle together. Our daily routines are altered or reshuffled, if not wiped out completely, and our parenting duties likely need to be sorted out differently now. Members of a couple are currently more stressed, more underslept, and more scared about the state of things. Also, financial burdens and uncertainty about job loss are causing distress.

You may have even been working pretty diligently on your relationship for a while now, but feeling like your best efforts may not be getting you where you want to be.

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we offer practical, research-based relationship counseling and couples counseling, currently as online therapy, in Seattle, WA. Our relationship therapists are ready to help give you the tools you each need for a successful, fulfilling relationship built on connection, communication, intimacy, and trust.

It's Never Too Soon for Online Relationship Therapy in Seattle

Over 40 years of relationship research shows that many couples put off going to counseling until six years after they initially needed help. This statistic reminds us that it's never too early to consider couples counseling. 

Even if things are going well between you and your partner, you can still benefit from attending therapy. Couples counseling provides a safe space for the two of you to discuss concerns, fears, hopes, ideas, and goals together. 

If you start having problems and feel like you might benefit from couples therapy in Seattle, there's no need to wait six years to get professional help. Our compassionate couples therapists are happy to work with you at any phase in your relationship, no matter how simple or complex your problems may feel. 

Typically the sooner you seek out the guidance of a counselor, the better off your relationship will be. It's simply easier for each person to make the changes they desire earlier into the relationship.

Overcoming the Stigma around Counseling

Some people still feel uncomfortable or even ashamed at the idea of attending therapy. Although society is slowly shedding stigma around mental health and those seeking therapy for reasons other than mental health, inching toward greater acceptance of counseling, there are still taboos around attending therapy. This unfortunate misconception stops so many couples and individuals from getting the help they need.

From our perspective, there is no shame in asking for the help of a licensed therapist when you want to overcome struggles within your relationship and move forward into a future together that includes more connection, friendship, passion, and joy. Our Seattle couples counselors are available to help you both in building or rebuilding the relationship you want to have with your partner through effective and private online therapy.

In addition to couples counseling, we offer related therapy services such as individual counseling, men's therapy, couples therapy for one, and sex/intimacy therapy.

Counseling Offers Real-World Solutions

As licensed couples therapists, we have extensive experience, training, and education in helping couples of all genders and orientations to get what they're seeking in their relationships. We rely on the most current, most commonly used, and most well-documented approaches to online therapy, understanding that loving relationships are both an art and a science.

Through your time spent in online counseling sessions with us, you and your partner can discover: 

  • How to navigate the current health crisis together so you each can be heard, validated, accommodated, and supported 
  • The joy of being in a loving, long-term committed relationship
  • Fulfilling intimacy and sex
  • A responsive and respectful way to approach challenges
  • How to create a safe emotional space for each other
  • A way to move past judgment, blame, and defensiveness
  • Why you fell in love with each other in the first place
  • How to decrease power struggles
  • Conflict resolution through more open and effective communication
  • A more effective way to talk about money, household responsibilities, gender roles, and other stressors 
  • Solutions through a collaborative process that strengthens your connection to each other
  • Healthier coping skills that help you handle future conflicts 
  • The ability to parent as a team when children are involved
  • How to keep your emotional and physical connections fresh even after years of being together 

Life can be messy, and there's no one way to handle the countless challenges you and your partner may face during your life together. Regardless, those challenges will come, so you must have an action plan for dealing with them when they do. The impact of the current health crisis is a reminder of the need to shore up our relationships for when life surprises us in these ways.

Our couples counseling in Seattle will provide you with new tools to add to your toolkit and fresh strategies for tackling life's many curveballs head-on. When you're ready to schedule an online therapy couples session with one of our counselors, please call our counseling office.

Support for Couples in Crisis

If you and your partner are struggling to connect, you likely are unaware of precisely what is causing the distance. It can be so hard to see the root cause of our adversity when we're in the middle of it. Couples therapy in Seattle, WA can help you understand what is causing your relationship crisis and how to move into repair and stability. 

Many couples enter relationship therapy in a state of despair and discouragement yet discover through the process of treatment that their relationship can indeed become healthy again. Our licensed couples therapists have specific training to help you two see and understand what is happening within your relationship and what to do about it.

Schedule Couples Therapy in Seattle, WA Today 

Our clinical team at Clarity Counseling Seattle accepts new clients, currently for online therapy until we can meet again soon in our Lake Union office. Feel free to contact us by calling (206) 910-1218 to learn more about how we can help through couples counseling.