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  • Lisa brought a depth and knowledge that let her know when to listen and when to offer input or ask questions. She helped me see things about myself I might otherwise would never have. -Steve T.
    “We’ve gladly recommended Sara for individual and marriage therapy to our friends and even some family.” - D.W.
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We offer a variety of services, all currently as online therapy (telehealth), including:
Relationship / Couples Therapy
Individual Counseling
Sex Therapy and Intimacy Therapy
Grief Counseling / Grief and Loss Therapy
Men's Therapy
Couples Therapy for One
Pre-Marital and Pre-Commitment Therapy
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Welcome to Clarity Counseling Seattle

A Quick Word on the Current State of Things

If there were ever a time for therapy, right? The past 2+ years have reminded us that the future is uncertain. So many of us are struggling to adjust to changes in our communities and households. And while vaccinations have allowed for a slow return to normal, we are all still dealing with so much. 

The therapists in our practice feel so fortunate to be in a profession where we can directly help people through life events like the ones we're all going through in one form or another. As we all keep hearing, the pandemic experience is without precedent.

However, we have always been committed to helping individuals, people in various types of relationships, and families since we began in 2010. As such, sessions are currently conducted as online therapy, though soon we will be offering in-person sessions for those who want them. 

Additionally, and just as important, the therapists at Clarity strive to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment that celebrates diversity and authentic self-expression. Our office welcomes clients of all backgrounds and communities, and we take special care to create space for those experiencing oppression/discrimination. Our therapists are also sex-positive, queer-affirming and trans-affirming, and kink- and polyam- affirming.

We've heard so many people tell us about what's challenging in their lives right now:

  • The pandemic has us each working from home, and it's stressing our relationship. The pandemic exacerbates my anxiety/depression/panic. I don't know how to handle current events' uncertainty/grief/trauma.
  • Sex used to be great between us, but that's changed. We're confused and scared. Our sex lives have struggled during the pandemic. 
  • Now that I can be around people again, I'm anxious about re-entering life. 
  • People I know have died over the past two years from Covid. I've experienced many other loses of various types during Covid and I'm struggling to know what to do with that grief.
  • I feel like I'd benefit from grief counseling but isn't that just for the big losses like death?
  • My partner doesn't feel emotionally connected to me.
  • I knew my partner was unhappy in our marriage, but I didn't realize they were this unhappy.
  • I'm stressed, anxious, and unsettled. I don't know why.
  • I used to feel better and enjoy my life more. What's happening with me?
  • My partner/friends/family have been asking me to talk to a therapist for a long time.
  • I know we need help, but I'm afraid I'll be ganged up on in couples therapy.

How We Can Help at Our Seattle Office

As licensed therapists in Seattle, we've helped people in so many of these situations over the years, including being able to serve communities all over the State of Washington thanks to telehealth therapy. You may be thinking that nothing will change your situation, or that your partner can't make the changes you need, or that you yourself can't change. 

You may have tried therapy in the past and didn't feel like it helped, or you may feel embarrassed that you've waited this long to reach out for help. But change is possible, help is available, and things can be different.

Reconnection and Improving Your Quality of Life 

We work with individuals, couples, and polycules who want skills, tools, and guidance and who are ready to feel hopeful, connected, present, and empowered.

Together, we can help you engage life in a more mindful and deeply felt way, more clearly understand your experiences, and work through your struggles to progress into having joy, flexibility, and choice in your life.

We specialize in relationship therapy, couples therapy, sex therapy and intimacy therapy, grief counseling, and male-identified adults (men's issues) at Clarity Counseling Seattle in the Westlake/South Lake Union area of Seattle. Our counseling office is a relaxing setting overlooking Lake Union, and while all sessions are currently online therapy, we look forward to a time soon when you can meet with us by the lake if you wish. We also know that many of you will elect to remain doing online/telehealth therapy, which is just fine with us.

How Can Therapy in Seattle Help You?

We help people have better relationships with their spouses and themselves (the most important relationship we'll ever have!).

Individuals, couples, and people in all types of relationship configurations often come to counseling for:

  • COVID-19 related anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, uncertainty, stay-at-home anxiety & loneliness, and relationship strain
  • Anxiety/fear
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and loss in its many forms
  • Sex/Intimacy Issues, including low/no sex drive or low/no frequency of sex. *We also offer group therapy for this!
  • LGBTQIA+ counseling
  • Personal growth
  • Self-esteem
  • Restricted range of emotion
  • Trauma of all types
  • Many other commonly experienced challenges

Especially during this difficult time, we'd like to help. Are you ready to get started? Please check to see if we are currently able to accept new clients by clicking here

~ Sheila, Lisa, Corey, Hanna, Mary-Lynn, Bill, Sara, and Justin

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