Premarital Counseling in Seattle, WA

couple hugging outdoors | Counseling Seattle WAA quick note about the current pandemic and its impact here, but first...congratulations on your engagement or commitment! We love working with pre-marital or pre-commitment couples. Your decision to commit to a lifelong relationship can color so many aspects of your life so it’s important to make sure it’s on solid ground when you're taking those next steps.

About the current health crisis, we've already heard from so many couples who have had to reschedule or even cancel their wedding plans. What a difficult time to be trying to plan for an event like this that takes so much preparation and coordination, given an uncertain future. And for this you have our deepest sympathies...what a disappointment so many engaged couples are experiencing right now.

But regardless of the current setback, if marriage or another type of relationship commitment is in your future, pre-marital therapy can help you to make it more successful and fulfilling. The strategies we teach are easy to learn, can be applied for a lifetime, and can begin helping you two immediately while you wait to see when your event can occur.

No Couple Wants to Be a Statistic

Research shows that couples who attend therapy often do so about six years later than they needed the help - a sad and frustrating statistic. Many couples simply could have avoided years of heartache and anger by having asked for help sooner.

If only we had mandatory classes on healthy relationships! Couples could learn some basic skills and approaches to inevitable relationship challenges, heading off the distress often experienced without this type of guidance.

While pre-marital or pre-commitment counseling certainly isn’t mandatory, it's a wise idea. It is just too easy to get off-track when approaching many of the topics couples who are considering a greater commitment face.

An experienced counselor, currently conducting appointments as online therapy (telehealth), can help guide you and your partner’s conversation and make sure that each of you feels heard, understood, connected and validated. We help you to put into place some approaches to common challenges, both current and awaiting in a couple's future, that help couples live together long into the future feeling connected, safe, seen, and valued.

What Is Covered in Pre-Marital/Pre-Commitment Online Counseling at our 98109 Office?

What we cover will depend on you and your partner, the length of time you wish to spend, and the goals we identify during our time together. Typical topics include:

  • Communication and conflict-resolution skills
  • Emotional connections and safety
  • Resentment avoidance
  • Values, goals, and life purpose
  • Fear reduction around marriage or commitment
  • Common relationship/marriage pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Finances
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Spirituality and religion

Typically, pre-marital/pre-commitment therapy runs for at least six sessions and often couples are benefiting so much from their time in therapy that they choose to stay for more help. During each session of online therapy (telehealth) we will provide you and your partner with tools and strategies that you can immediately implement to help nurture and support the connection you have with each other.

Same-Sex Couple Smiling | Pre-Marital Counseling SeattleEarlier Is Often Better

While a skilled relationship therapist can help a couple at any stage of their relationship, there’s no question that it is much easier for partners to make positive changes earlier on, before unhealthy habits can form and then persist over time.

Early intervention greatly reduces the pain and resentment that costs so many couples years of happiness. An investment in preventive therapy will pay off for years down the road!

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Congratulations on your decision to take the next step in your relationship! We’d love to help you to make it, and keep it, amazing.

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