Sex/Intimacy Therapy in Seattle, WA

*Please note that you may wish to pursue your sex therapy in the form of our amazing group therapy for couples, as we have our next (online) group starting September 29th, 2020. You can read more about our group therapy for couples here, including signing up for our September 2020 group.

Sexual struggles are unbelievably common in romantic relationships, and even more so right now given the current health scare that has upended our routines. You may not hear about the sexual struggles occurring in the bedrooms of those in your life, but therapists sure do. People often come to us discouraged about the realities of trying to sustain love lives that are passionate, connected, mutual and satisfying. So if you and your partner(s) are struggling to connect sexually, rest assured you are far from alone, as problems with sex are the main cause of divorce in the first five years of marriage.

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, currently using online therapy (telehealth), we routinely help individuals and couples struggling with common challenges, some of which are exacerbated by the current Covid-19 situation:

  • Absent-Low Desire, often called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) or Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD)
  • Mismatched/discrepant sexual desire between partners
  • Sexless relationships
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE)
  • Delayed Ejaculation (DE)
  • Difficulty with orgasm
  • The road to recovery after infidelity and how to reestablish trust and intimacy 
  • Desire to improve communication, satisfaction, and overall sexual intimacy with a partner
  • Blending of spiritual/religious moral beliefs with healthy expression of sexuality
  • Optimizing sexual experiences with your partner

We understand the crucial role sex and physical intimacy play in most relationships and we hear about the devastating effects that sexual issues can bring. So we've devoted part of our therapy practice to helping couples work through the challenges in their sex lives and guide them into uncovering (or discovering for the first time) the physical, emotional, and spiritual intimate connections they desire. Couple making sunset heart hands | Sex Therapy Seattle

If your relationship is struggling from challenges like low sex drive or most other sexual stumbling blocks, our licensed counselors are able to help using online therapy until we can meet again in-person. Please call us at (206) 910-1218 to find out more or to schedule your first online therapy appointment in Seattle, WA.

Things We Commonly Hear 

Statements we often hear from the individuals and couples we help include:

"Since the Coronavirus hit, our sex life has all but gone away. We're scared about that."
"Sex gradually became less frequent in our relationship.”
“I have trouble consistently keeping my erection. I’m not sure if this is related to low sex drive or if something else is going on.”

“I often find intercourse painful.”
"Our relationship is great—we're best friends and do everything together. We always enjoy each other’s company and can usually talk about’s just sex that’s the problem.”
“Our sex life used to feel natural and spontaneous. Now our sex is boring, routine, difficult, and all about intercourse.”
"We don’t seem to connect anymore."
"There’s no more passion. How can we increase low sexual desire when we both experience it?"
"We remember when sex seemed effortless but now it's complicated and hard."
"I’m worried it takes too long for her to reach orgasm."

Our Seattle, WA counseling office helps individuals and couples each day to change these narratives.

A Safe Space to Discuss Sensitive Matters

By the time couples present for sex therapy, partners are often frustrated, discouraged, and struggling to remain hopeful that anything can help them, even therapists with specific training in this area. Many are skeptical that merely talking about an intimacy problem can produce results so they put off calling a sex therapist until they've exhausted all other options. Yet our relationships will benefit most from sex therapy if we can get ourselves to reach out for help as early as we're willing.

Most of us didn’t grow up openly talking about sex so most of us feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discuss the details of our sex lives, even with our spouse. Often folks have tried to solve their sexual issues on their own using information found on the internet or from books, but without the help and guidance of an experienced professional these conversations can only be so helpful and too often result in discouragement.

Part of sex therapy is providing a safe, private space to discuss the vulnerable topic of your physical intimacy, and your Seattle sex therapist will work alongside you and your partner to understand the problems in your sex life and assist you in implementing known solutions. For most of us it's quite difficult discussing topics like low sexual desire or a sexless marriage, so our professional team will help guide the conversation in a way that feels safe, professional, and productive. 

Help For Every Person 

Our licensed professional counselors routinely work with individuals and couples of all genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations who seek out sex therapy in the Seattle area. Our approach to sexual health is from a sex-positive perspective and we are LGBTQ+, kink, and poly friendly. Many of our clients enter therapy experiencing strong feelings of hopelessness and frustration about low or no sex drive, inability to reach orgasm, or mismatched sexual desire between partners, yet they soon learn that we offer hope and help.

Couple Holding Hands at therapy | Intimacy TherapyOur sex therapists are clinicians who are specially trained to work compassionately and effectively with individuals and couples of all backgrounds, and without bias or judgment. We base every treatment approach and method we use in our Seattle sex therapy on principles, techniques, and research that is governed by the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

A Window Into a Sex Therapy Session 

At Clarity Counseling Seattle our sex therapy and intimacy therapy sessions are conducted much like a typical individual or couples therapy session, currently held as online therapy (telehealth). Our counselors help you, or you and your partner, rediscover or create for the first time a healthy sex life through the methods commonly used in many types of therapy: discussion, education, communication exercises, reading relevant handouts or articles, mindfulness techniques, body awareness exercises, and non-sexual touch exercises between partners. *There is never any touch of any kind between clients and therapists, only non-sexual touch between partners.

We may discuss relevant areas of your life, your sexual history, and the sexual challenges you're experiencing while in a safe, supportive, and professional environment. Together we uncover the sources of the issues and help you address them.

Sex/Intimacy therapy is for individuals within a relationship, individuals not currently in a relationship, and of course for couples in a relationship of any type.

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Our sex therapy treatment is based on established, accepted, and commonly-practiced approaches that have been helping individuals and couples with sexual issues for many decades.

If you and your partner are struggling, our therapists can provide effective sex therapy in South Lake Union. Please contact us today at (206) 910-1218 to get started.