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Couple’s Counseling: Is the End Goal Always to Save a Relationship?

December 3, 2019
Posted By: Clarity Counseling Seattle Team
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At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we work with clients who are in all different phases of their relationships. Some of those relationships are healthy and worth fighting for, while others can be toxic or emotionally unsafe places. 

If you and your partner are struggling with where you're at, our job is to help you determine whether you are better off in or out of that relationship. 

Goals of Couple’s Counseling

The end goal of couple’s counseling is not always to save a relationship. While we work hard to help couples overcome challenges and heal wounds that can damage their relationships, we also understand that not every relationship can or even should last. Because of this, we view couple’s therapy as a way to learn skills and develop strategies to cope with relationship challenges. 

We believe that if a romantic pairing is meant to last, couple’s counseling can provide the tools to make the process easier. If the relationship is too damaging, however, couple’s counseling can help both parties come to that conclusion and learn to make a clean break. 

A Safe Space to Work Through Problems 

It’s normal to feel unsure about where your relationship is at and where things might go in the future. If you and your partner have struggled to make things work for a while, couple’s therapy is a significant next step to try. Working with a professional relationship counselor in a private, safe space can help you and your partner discover what you want from your relationship and where you want things to go from here on out.

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