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Benefits of Group Therapy for Sex

November 11, 2020
Posted By: Clarity Counseling Seattle
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At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we offer a unique therapy type for couples experiencing intimacy problems: group therapy for couples. 

While the thought of attending sex therapy in a group setting may at first seem intimidating, we find that couples who participate in our group sessions tend to feel less uncomfortable or hesitant because there are more people to share ideas with and less pressure on each person. 

If you and your spouse/partner feel a disconnect regarding your sexual desire or the frequency of sex in your relationship, attending professional counseling can help significantly. Below, we outline a few of the benefits of attending group therapy for sex in the Seattle area.

Safety in Numbers

Sex is a personal, intimate topic—and even though you love your partner, you may not be thrilled at the idea of attending private sex counseling right away. However, group therapy for sex tends to feel “safer” and less intimidating because more people are involved. 

Our group sessions typically have six couples, plus our two licensed Seattle sex therapists. That means that there are up to 13 other people attending your sessions with you at any given time, which can alleviate some of the discomfort or anxiety you may feel. 

A Variety of Ideas 

You spend a lot of time with your partner, which means you know them extremely well. Chances are you’ve even tried to work out your sexual problems together without a therapist first, which means that you might feel stuck or tired of trying the same approaches to the sexual challenges you face.

However, when you participate in group therapy for sex, you spend time with people who have various personalities and who are from different age groups and backgrounds. Group counseling gives you a chance to hear from those with different perspectives and consider alternate ways of thinking or approaching problems. 


Cost can be a barrier that prevents many couples from seeking the professional help they need. We consider therapy to be a long-term investment in your relationship and mental health, which is why we work hard to keep the costs of our group therapy for sex sessions down. The cost of attending our eight-week group program is typically around half of the cost of eight weeks of private counseling sessions. 

Join Our Winter 2021 Sex Therapy Group Now

Our next block of sessions begins in January 2021 via Zoom and has enough room for six couples. If you and your partner want to participate in our Optimal Sexual Experiences Group in Seattle, please reach out today by calling (206) 910-4217. 

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