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Benefits of Group Therapy

July 16, 2021
Posted By: Clarity Counseling Seattle
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Whether the idea of one-on-one therapy terrifies you or you’re just looking to add another tool to your counseling toolbox, we often recommend group therapy to both our new and existing clients for a different type of therapy experience. 

While nothing can replace traditional counseling experience, group therapy offers benefits and perspectives you won’t otherwise find in an individual session. To learn a little more about our group therapy in Seattle, keep reading below! 

4 Major Advantages of Group Counseling 

Because attending therapy in a group feels very different from attending a one-on-one counseling session, you will typically leave a group session feeling different and perhaps more open-minded than you otherwise would. 

You can gain experience in group therapy that you won’t find anywhere else, including these four benefits:

#1 Less Pressure and Focus on You

If the thought of being put on the spot and being the center of attention for an entire therapy session gives you major anxiety, you may benefit from the more relaxed vibe of a group session. Group therapy sessions usually have anywhere from a handful of attendees to over a dozen一our optimal sexual experiences group, for example, can accommodate up to six couples. 

#2 Different Perspectives and Fresh Ideas

When you meet with the same therapist one-on-one week after week, the two of you tend to get to know each other pretty well. Attending a group therapy session can help you see things from a new angle or understand how different people may react to the same situation. 

#3 Discovering a Safe Space 

When you’re deep in your struggles and feeling very alone, you might convince yourself that you have no support or that you’re the only one going through this hard time. 

However, when you attend group therapy, you meet other like-minded people who share very similar struggles and stories. Group counseling can help you feel comfortable and safe sharing your emotions when you may otherwise feel that no one understands you. 

#4 Increased Affordability

Because group therapy sessions in Seattle occur with a higher client-to-counselor ratio, the cost gets split evenly between more people. For this reason, group counseling is typically less expensive per hour and per session than traditional, private therapy sessions.

If you’re curious about group therapy and how it might benefit you, please don’t hesitate to contact our counseling office today by calling (206) 910-1218!

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