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Relating During a Time None of Us Can Relate To

September 30, 2020
Posted By: Justin Pere, LMHC, CGT
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In today’s busy and distracted world it’s becoming increasingly important to prioritize your relationships and connections with others. 2020 has been a wild, unexpected, and trying year filled with unique challenges and pitfalls, and it’s normal to feel out of sync in your love life. But there are ways to discover deeper and more meaningful connections, even among the chaos we're all in right now.

Online Couples Therapy in Seattle

At Clarity Counseling Seattle we currently offer online therapy for couples to help maintain social distancing during the COVID pandemic. If you and your partner are interested in scheduling a counseling session, please call us at (206) 910-1218. We offer appointments throughout the day and try to fit with your scheduling needs.

If, however, you’re unable to attend couples counseling with us at this time, you can still enjoy the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your home.

At-Home Couples Therapy in Seattle

Below, we outline some simple exercises you can try with your partner if you’re looking to reconnect:

List Out the Things You Appreciate About Your Partner

The longer you’ve been with someone, the easier it can be to fall into a rhythm and take them for granted. To help remind each other of why you fell in love and what you appreciate about the other person, we recommend writing down a simple list of things you enjoy about your partner and sharing them with your beloved.

These characteristics and traits can be as simple as “I love the way you laugh at my jokes” or “I really appreciate you cooking for me several times a week.”

Turn to Simple Physical Connection

If your love life has felt a little lackluster lately (sex lives are seriously struggling during the pandemic), you can reconnect with something as easy as a short breathing exercise. Try lying down next to your partner and synchronizing your breathing for about five minutes. Added physical touch, such as hugging or holding hands while you breathe, will increase the intimacy you two experience.

Truly Listen to Your Partner

It's so much easier to hear than to actually listen. To improve communication in your relationship and feel more deeply connected, allow your partner the daily chance to talk about their experience of the day, including blowing off steam about their challenges. Not putting it in your lap to fix for them - just putting it out on the table between you two to have it be understood and validated. Rather than trying to solve the problem or insert your opinions, try to really allow your partner to vent, cry, or complain—all while validating their feelings. It's harder than we make it sound but such a core part of what creates, and maintains, connection and friendship and intimacy in our relationships.

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If you’re looking for more at-home counseling ideas or are interested in working with a couples therapist in Seattle (telehealth), please give our team at Clarity Counseling Seattle a call today.

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