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Can we do couples therapy online?

Certainly! At any given time at least half of the people we help are couples, and that has not changed at all since moving to the online therapy format. Couples are perhaps enjoying the online approach more than individuals, as they can participate in exercises around communication and connection from the comfort of their couch, bed, or favorite chairs.

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Many couples are reporting that they feel more at ease, more themselves, and that the therapist feels less like a 3rd person in the room. This is allowing them to connect more deeply and effectively with each other during sessions, which increases the effectiveness of couples counseling.

One surprise benefit of online couples therapy in Seattle is that, when the therapy session ends, the therapist can sign off but the couple can continue to sit where they are and further their growth & progress. We've heard couples come back the next week and tell us that they remained in conversation and connection well beyond the ending of last week's session and really benefited from blending their therapy session with us into doing helpful things on their own. And of course a goal for therapists is always to help clients, as quickly as possible, feel empowered to improve on their own so that they no longer feel they need our help.

And lastly, you don't need to be in the same room as your partner when doing your couples therapy sessions, as the SimplePractice software we use allows for the 3 of us to all sign in from different locations. It's preferable if you two can be together during therapy but not at all required.

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