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How long does a course of therapy typically last?

That depends on a few factors, such as what you are seeking help for and how motivated you are to progress. Perhaps the most important part of this answer is to say that how long you stay in therapy is entirely up to you. You aren't signing a contract or being put on a 12-week program  - instead, you and your therapist are working together to reach the goals you set for therapy with us. Some people get what they need in just a few sessions, and others stay for many months or even years, but that duration is entirely up to you.

On the one hand, we want you to get what you need from therapy as quickly as possible so that you are empowered to go off and essentially be your own therapist. Our job should absolutely be to help get you to where you don't feel you need us any longer. And on the other hand, having a long-standing relationship with a therapist you come to know, trust, and greatly benefit from is one of the neatest relationships you'll ever have. Personally, I (Justin Pere) have always sought out therapists with whom I hope to be in relationship with for many years, and have had a number of therapeutic relationships that were invaluable to me. I have also had a few that lasted just a few months, as I either did not gel with the therapist or I simply got what I needed from a short stay.

So the short answer to this question is that it really varies, but that for however long you are working with our therapists, we are using everything we know to help you to make the most of your "x" number of sessions with us.

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