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I see that a number of your therapists identify as male - what are some of the benefits of a female-identified person working with one of your male therapists?

Female Therapists at Clarity Counseling Seattle

Woman looking troubled | Therapy in SeattleWomen in relationships with men who are seeking relationship help often seek counseling with our male therapists because of our deep understanding of men's issues, issues that often play a key role in the relationship problems they experience with their male-identified boyfriends or husbands. Part of the clarity we provide for women is in helping them better understand their partners in ways that are sometimes more easily understood by another male.

Importance of Therapeutic Relationship 

Another consideration is that therapists sometimes recommend that clients enter into therapy with a therapist who is of the gender they may have issues with or are triggered by. So, for example, women who have issues with men (possibly related to fathers in childhood, male authority figures, ex-boyfriends/husbands, abuse/trauma, etc.) are sometimes better helped by working with a male therapist. This is because the therapeutic relationship helps to bring to light those issues and provides a safe place to work through those challenges in a more direct way.

And yes, there have been many times that it has been appropriate to direct some of our male clients to trusted and wonderful female therapists, both within our practice and to nearby female therapists.


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