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Is online therapy effective?

Absolutely. As of the creation of this FAQ, our practice is almost 6 weeks into doing all online therapy, which now includes hundreds of sessions. And what we are finding, admittedly to our surprise, is that we are indeed able to do nearly all of the therapeutic techniques, activities, and approaches that we would have incorporated into in-person sessions, including:

  • Couples therapy exercises for communication, connection, emotional intimacy;
  • Sharing handouts about topics to learn skills or enhance discussions;
  • Mindfulness, body awareness, guided imagery/visualization
  • Discussions that deepen insight, problem-solving, and practical skill-building

For couples, we can utilize all aspects of the Gottman Method and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) in the online format. For individuals, the discussions and activities are just as accessible and engaging as they were when we were seeing people in our offices.

Teletherapy at Clarity Counseling Seattle

In truth, when the virus struck and all therapists had to move to teletherapy, most therapists were very concerned about how this format might impact how effective our treatments are. But to everyone's relief we have all discovered that therapy can be just as effective when online.

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