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Paige Geisinger , LMFTA, MS, MHP

Paige Geisinger

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Paige's specialty areas:

  • Women's Issues
  • Relationships/Marriage
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Transitioning into Parenthood/New Parents
  • Intimacy/Sex/Sexuality
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress

Whether you need pre-marital counseling, marriage therapy, or just want to improve whatever type of relationship you are in, it’s never too early to learn to more effectively grow together as a couple and deepen your connection. One of my specialties is helping couples transition into parenthood, providing support and guidance as your relationship adjusts to this new stage of life. I also specialize in helping both couples and individuals with intimacy and sexuality.

Individuals often seek me out for help for depression, anxiety, and stress. With past experience at Sound Mental Health and Renton Area Youth and Family Services, I have years of experience helping men and women with a multitude of mental health challenges, supporting and guiding them toward happier, healthier lives. Every individual is unique, and as such I utilize different methods and techniques that best support your therapeutic goals. I will always work to provide you with an unconditionally positive, productive, and supportive experience, whether you are new to therapy or have pursued therapy for years.

My family therapy work is primarily from a systems perspective, and as such I am uniquely qualified to help strengthen your family system. Whether your family is struggling with communication patterns, relationship intricacies, or how to create a more fluid, connected family life, I can help. I recognize and appreciate that all families are different and are constantly changing and evolving, and I look forward to collaborating with each individual and your family as a whole to help you reach your goals.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and a Licensed Mental Health Professional in the State of Washington, my education includes a Bachelors of Science in Psychology through Western Washington University and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University. I have been formally trained in the Gottman Method of couples therapy and was trained from a family systems, strengths-based perceptive.

I look forward to meeting you and building a lasting therapeutic relationship build on trust, collaboration, and a shared goal of supporting you in learning how to change your life for the better!

When I'm not working with families, individuals and couples, I enjoy painting, yoga, reading, soccer, and spending time outside!

John Buscher | Clarity Counseling Seattle

John Buscher

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

John's specialty areas:

  • Men's Issues
  • Relationships/Marriage/Premarital
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress/Burnout, especially in the tech field
  • ADD
  • High-Functioning Autism

When I engage with clients in therapy I create a safe, open and non-judgmental space where you can explore the past and the present, be seen, heard and valued for who you really are. 

My work with couples is informed by over 45 years of research conducted by the Gottman Institute and focuses on communication, conflict resolution, emotional connection, and trust-building (or rebuilding). A sizable portion of the approximate 2,300 hours spent helping clients during my years at Sound Mental Health in Seattle has empowered me to help couples to practice honest and respectful ways of communicating that result in feelings of togetherness, deep friendship, trust, and passion. Together I help partners to facilitate connection and authentic communication, resolve gridlocked issues, decrease negative conflict, and deepen their emotional and sexual intimacy.

Relationships are surely a challenge, but also a source of growth and renewal. Each of our relationships is an assignment in our life and has something to teach us, to help us evolve and grow as a person. When a relationship is difficult, that person or situation is actually our mentor, helping us to learn an important lesson. When we realize this, we can begin to feel grateful not only for the opportunity to evolve as a person, but also for the individual or situation that guided us to this lesson. I enjoy helping couples and individuals improve their relationships; whether that be to one’s partner, our relationship to ourselves, to our work, and to other aspects of life.

If there is one constant in life, it's change; a new child, a new job, a new relationship, marriage or a change in one any of those. I enjoy helping people navigate uncertain times, helping them to find a way through, take a new tact, or tap into hidden strengths. Sometimes we can change the situation; sometimes we must change ourselves, tearing down limiting beliefs and narratives to create new beliefs and narratives that honor our true self, our true values, and our goals. And yet other times we must learn to make peace with what we cannot change.   

I bring to my work as a therapist a wide range of life experiences, including my 19 years of working in the IT field for Ameridata and Microsoft. I understand the challenges of working in competitive high-tech workplaces; stress, long hours, looming deadlines, politics, and high pressure that can lead to burn out. Often the first casualty of working in this field is a healthy life outside of work, our relationships, and a sense of joy and engagement in one’s work. I would love to share with you some of the strategies I have used with others to put LIFE back into work-life balance. Let’s turn living to work into working to LIVE.

Other areas of specialty include: working with men to improve their emotional literacy and improve relational acumen; helping individuals with ADD or high-functioning Autism to navigate life, relationships, and work; grief, whether the loss of a life, a love, or a career; and overcoming trauma, such as childhood abuse, near-death experiences, military service, first responders, or any life experience that continues to intrude on our life.

I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University and am a National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC). I work in a variety of therapeutic styles customized to the needs of my client and have received advanced training in Trauma-Focused CBT+ for sexual abuse, Exposure Therapy, Grief Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. 

Outside of the therapy office I enjoy live music, hiking, fishing, poetry, and board gaming.

Let’s summit your challenges and find new vistas! I look forward to working with you - feel free to sign up using my schedule.

Dan Fajans | Clarity Counseling Seattle

Dan Fajans

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Dan's specialty areas:

  • Men's Issues
  • Relationships/Marriage/Premarital
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress
  • Adults with ADHD

I have always worked very hard in session for and with my clients, but because I love what I do it's never a challenge to find the motivation, energy, and passion needed to sustain this. Quality therapy really does require that the therapist truly love this field, and any client or colleague of mine can attest to my desire to be in the role of therapist to men, women, and couples.

People often seek me out specifically for help moving from stressed and anxious to more relaxed and at peace. Sometimes healthy relationships are a mystery so I'm sought out to help you get more skilled at being the partner you want to be. Perhaps you experience depression and want to get back to engaging in your life in meaningful ways.

Relationship Counseling in Seattle

Your relationship may seem near the end of its life, or it may be thriving and you want to keep it that way, or most likely something in-between. It's never too early, or too late, for relationship therapy and I love guiding couples through whatever situation they find themselves in, using the experience and expertise I have as a qualified therapist. I use various relationship therapy approaches, including the Gottman Therapy approach through the Gottman Institute, to assist couples in communication, conflict-management skills, emotional connection, and many of the other lovely challenges us couples face. Relationships are tough, even great ones, but a trained and competent couples therapist can help. We say an ailing relationship that ends without first seeing a relationship expert is like a person dying of a major illness without ever seeing a doctor.

Let me use the skills and training I have as a therapist for men, women, and couples to help get you where you want to go. Whatever challenges you're facing, working with a qualified therapist opens new possibilities for hope, and creates changes that last.

Other specialties I offer include adults with ADHD, transitioning from boyhood to manhood, parents of children with behavior problems, and problematic technology use.

Education and Experience

I have a Master of Psychology (Counseling Specialization) from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) program of Saybrook University. Though I have training in a number of therapeutic disciplines, I have received specialized advanced training in Lifespan Integration (LI), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Plus (CBT+).

Some non-therapy passions include travel, playing music, and enjoying obscure board games with family & friends.

Feel free to sign up for any opening shown in my schedule - I welcome working with you!


Justin Pere , MA, LMHC, CGT

Justin Pere

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Owner

*Justin is currently unable to accept new clients

Justin's specialty areas:

  • Men's Issues
  • Relationships/Marriage/Premarital
  • Intimacy/Sex/Sexuality
  • Low sexual desire/No sexual desire/Desire discrepancy between partners
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress
  • Trauma

As an intimacy, sex, and relationship therapist, I have been working with both couples and individual men & women since 2003. I currently sit on the Board of The Northwest Institute on Intimacy, I am a past Board member of the Seattle Counselors Association, and am presently an international collaborator for sexual studies through the University of Ottawa.

Less than 5% of therapists have advanced training in the areas of individual, couples, sex, and spiritual (non-religious) intimacy therapy, despite this being a critical part of the human experience. I am currently pursuing advanced training in sex therapy and intimacy through the Northwest Institute on Intimacy (NWIOI). Additionally, I am a Certified Gottman Therapist (CGT) through the Gottman Institute, I have extensive training in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), have completed EMDR training through the EMDR Institute and EMDRIA (EMDR International Association), regularly attend workshops and conferences on Mindfulness and EMDR, and meet regularly with specialists for consultation.

I bring a diverse perspective to my work, informed by a broad base of experience providing services for a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues. A previous career in Information Technology assists me in helping those in the tech field who may experience a particular set of challenges in that work setting.

My years of experience working with men, women, and couples have occurred within a decade of private practice and in a variety of other professional settings prior to starting my own practice in 2010. I regularly attend a variety of professional conferences throughout the year, and am a member of professional organizations, all of which help me stay on top of the latest research and developments.

In 1996 I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Western Washington University. I continued my education in 2003 at Seattle University, earning my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

When I am not in session with a client I can likely be found spending time with my family, meditating, paddle boarding on Lake Union, running around Greenlake or Alki, or capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through photography.

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Depth & Knowledge

Dan brought a depth and knowledge that let him know when to listen and when to offer input or ask questions. He helped me see things about myself I might otherwise would never have. -Steve T.

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