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Finding and Attracting a Partner

October 7, 2017
Posted By: John Buscher, LMHC

For single men and women ready to get back into the dating game, or who are currently in it but not finding prospects, it might be helpful to remember that the energy we put out is picked up by those around us. There's nothing woo-woo about this - people can sense when we're open to finding love and connecting with those around us.

Try to harness this energy you have in you and carry it around in the world. approachable. Because there will be someone nearby who then sees you as open and friendly and emitting that available, sexy energy, which will draw them to you.

Get Out Into the World

It's also about getting out there into the world with this energy - finding things that interest you and that you enjoy. Engage in those things. Join clubs or groups. Actually spend time in places of interest to you (running spots, your favorite coffee shop). Even if the people at those gatherings aren't potential partners themselves, they might have relatives and friends and friends of friends that they can connect you with.

Open to Dating

Let your colleagues and friends know that you're open to dating, and giving one or two qualities that you're looking for (not a long list). Also, be open to considering online dating, remembering that 1 in 6 marriages last year were couples who met online!

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