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Is Online Therapy Effective?

April 15, 2021
Posted By: Clarity Counseling Seattle
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life for many people. One large adjustment for millions of Americans was a dramatic shift toward working from home and attending many appointments via computer rather than in person.

At Clarity Counseling Seattle, we too have experienced a significant change in the way we offer counseling services. In the spring of 2020, we moved all of our therapy sessions away from our Lake Union counseling office and onto our secure, easy-to-use telehealth platform.

Our online therapy in Seattle has worked wonderfully well for our clients during this past year. Although we look forward to the near future where we can all meet face-to-face again, we are proud to offer excellent, effective online therapy to clients during this pandemic and in the future. 

Online Therapy Is Just as Effective as In-Person Therapy

If you’re concerned about having a sub-par experience with online counseling, we are here to assure you that meeting via telehealth is just as effective and helpful as meeting in our brick-and-mortar location. 

In fact, many of our clients actually prefer meeting online because of the convenience and flexibility that online counseling offers. When you choose online therapy, you will still receive your therapist’s full attention and go through your counseling sessions as you always would. Your sessions will never be cut short or be of lesser quality simply because they’re online. 

What are some of the “pros” of teletherapy? 

  • You save time and money by not commuting 
  • You structure your therapy appointments around your schedule and can “squeeze” visits in on your lunch break or in the evening while you’re home with your kids
  • You can attend therapy from the comfort of your own home where you feel safer and more at ease
  • You experience increased privacy by not having to come into a physical office

No matter what type of therapy you’re looking for, we offer a service that can help. Our Seattle counselors help individuals, couples, families, and groups via online therapy, and the visits are everything you could expect during an in-person session—without the need to leave your living room!

Schedule Online Counseling in Seattle Today

Whether you’re an existing client or are completely new to our practice, we invite you to contact our friendly intake coordinator Makenzie to schedule your teletherapy visit with us. You can call us at (206) 910-1218 for general questions or reach out to Makenzie via our scheduling system if you’d like to make an appointment for the coming weeks.

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