Online Therapy & Teletherapy in Seattle, WA

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This Is Tough       

Online counseling has become crucial during this difficult, uncertain period we're all in. As the outbreak forces us to remain in our homes and to refrain from our daily travels and errands, perhaps causing us to lose employment, the four of us at Clarity are grateful to still be able to offer individual and relational health services to our community. 

What an unnerving time for everyone, and you may have questions, fears, and thoughts about how to move forward, or how to process the emotions that we’re all experiencing most days: fear, stress, loneliness & isolation, grief & loss, uncertainty.

This unique worldwide situation has likely changed many aspects of your daily life, but we’re here to make sure that the one thing that doesn’t change is your access to quality mental health care, for yourself, your relationship or your family

Let's be honest, for most clients seeking individual or couples counseling, having therapy sessions online rather than in-person just isn't their first choice. We totally get it. And you know, it’s actually not our preferred way to conduct therapy either. We love seeing our clients in our offices: shaking hands hello or giving a hug goodbye, offering you tea or a snack, handing you a box of tissue if you need it.

Benefits of Online Therapy

It may surprise you that there are many clients who favor this approach. Some of the most significant benefits of online counseling in Seattle include:

  • Flexibility: schedule sessions around your work hours or your children’s naps or bedtimes
  • Accessibility: online therapy overcomes barriers that may preclude others from seeking therapy
  • No Seattle commute!
  • Openness: it can be easier for some people to reveal private information when they are sharing online.
  • Social stigma: as there can still exist some stigma around attending therapy, online counseling allows access to this service with even more privacy
  • Comfort: some individuals and couples simply prefer the comfort of meeting from their own homes

Teletherapy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By now most of us have become accustomed to using Facetime or Zoom for personal or professional meetings. Most therapists, including us, use a HIPAA-compliant secure online platform for all of our telehealth meetings, called SimplePractice, that works the same way. You never need to worry about your privacy being compromised and we make it easy for you to log into your sessions, either by computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

As of the creation of this web page, Dan, Paige, John, Mary-lynn, and Justin have all successfully transitioned to online therapy for the over 100 clients we help each week, and at 5 weeks into this new method of conducting therapy, the four of us, and more importantly our clients, are finding that teletherapy actually works just fine. True, it takes a little getting used to at first (as can in-person therapy as well) but what we are all finding is that it’s quite comparable to in-person sessions. Furthermore, many of the folks we help say they actually prefer this method of counseling and may wish to continue with online therapy once the health crisis ends, which is fine with us.

Online Counseling in Seattle is Available Today

The truth is that we don’t know when therapists will be able to reopen their offices for in-person sessions. While this epidemic will pass (sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that), please know that you don’t need to wait weeks or months to receive help for any of the many needs we treat. And yes, all of the common reasons people seek therapy can absolutely be treated just as effectively through online therapy, and each of our services are currently being offered and conducted by way of teletherapy.

So please call us today to learn more about how online therapy can help. We're very much here for you during all of this…just a few clicks away. 
*If you have additional questions about online therapy, perhaps our FAQ section answers them, but if not please just give us a call.